Legalization of documents

·         The (original) document legalized by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

·         87 € per document to be legalized Means of payment:

In cash or; 
In money order payable to the Embassy of Ethiopia in Paris or; 
Wire Transfer. ( The Lyonan Credit: IBAN:  FR13 3000 2006 9500 0000 5452 H47   BIC: CRLYFRPP)

·         Provide a return envelope (Envelope stamped in recommended, prepaid CHRONOPOST, DHL, UPS, FEDEX)

·         A letter explaining your wish and indicating the name and telephone number of the person to contact if necessary.

·         A confirmation of transfer confirmation in the case of payment by bank transfer.

Judicial Locker

Applicants for a judicial certificate are asked to make an appointment with the service by telephone (at 01 47 83 27 42 or 01 47 83 26 35 ) before coming to file their fingerprints

Requirements to be Fulfilled by Foreign Adoptive Parents

The documents to be submitted for legalization should be included:
1.     Proof of economic status from a recognized source.

2.      Police clearance of applicant/s.

3.      Medical certificate from recognized hospitals, clinics etc.

4.      Home study report prepared by an authorized institution.

5.      Marriage certificates showing marriage conducted between male and female

6.      Birth certificates.

7.      The psycho-social study and recommendation on applicants must be accepted by the concerned government body of the respected countries.

8.      “Obligation of Adoption or Social Welfare Agency” form must be forwarded together with the psychosocial study.

9.     Verification by the adoption agency on qualification for naturalization under the national law of the applicant

10.  All the above-mentioned documents should be authenticated by the Ethiopian Embassy

11.  All the above-mentioned documents should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia

12.   All the Adoption documents should be boun